Detrans Voices

Detrans Voices is a community resource created for, by, and about people who have detransitioned and/or desisted from transgender self-identification. We are dedicated to raising awareness and improving the well-being of detransitioned and desisted people.

The Detransition Advocacy network

The Detransitioners’ Advocacy Network (TDAN) is a charitable, nonprofit, global effort to improve the well-being of detransitioned people everywhere.

Gender Health Query

A resource and community for LGBT people who want to promote the long-term physical and mental health of gender dysphoric youth.


Genspect is an international alliance of parent and professional groups whose aim is to advocate for parents of gender-questioning children and young people. Parents are concerned that their kids are not receiving appropriate treatment and support; many do not feel free to speak out about their concerns.

Society for Evidence Based Gender Medicine

Our aim is to promote safe, compassionate, ethical and evidence-informed healthcare for children, adolescents, and young adults with gender dysphoria.

Lost in Transition

A support group for detransitioners based in Sydney.