Council for Choices in Health Care

The Council for Choices in Health Care (COHERE Finland) is a public body responsible for reccomending treatments for public funding in Finland. COHERE reviewed the evidence for puberty blocking and published advice on the medical treatment of gender dysphoric minors in June 2020 . COHERE made statements that contradict Ministry of Health claims that puberty blockers are “safe and fully reversible”:

“Potential risks of [puberty blocking] treatment include impaired bone mineralization and as yet unknown central nervous system effects.”

“In transgender work, early inhibition of puberty affects penis growth so that other tissue grafts have to be used for possible subsequent vaginoplasty.”

“The effect of pubertal inhibition and conversion hormones on fertility is unknown.”

(translated by Google Translate)

COHERE reccomend that gender dysphoric children recieve psychosocial support. Blockers are only prescribed from centralised research hospitals once clinicians have confirmed severe dysphoria, the child has a stable identity, and other mental health complications have been resolved. This advice contradicts that made by the Waikato Guidelines . For more information on the Finnish Recommendations see this post by Gender Report Canada.