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EXCLUSIVE: Republicans say America’s top pediatrics body has been hijacked by ‘woke activists’, is fast-tracking trans teens onto harmful drug cocktails, and push for congressional SCRUTINY should they re-take the House in November

18 August 2022 - James Reinl

Dozens of rank-and-file pediatricians accused the AAP of pushing the ‘harmful’ drugs and cross-sex hormones on transgender-identifying minors and deliberately silencing internal criticism by blocking moves for a crucial policy review.

Top psychologist with 16 years’ experience in child mental health says over half of her patients now identify as transgender

8 May 2022 - Sanchez Manning

A leading clinical psychologist with 16 years’ experience in child mental health says more than half of her patients now identify as transgender.

The expert, who wants to remain anonymous out of fear of professional repercussions, saw a sudden rise in the number of youngsters claiming to be ‘trans’ after the coronavirus lockdowns.

She is currently seeing a dozen families and has helped almost 40 over the past year but has never before encountered so many young patients identifying as trans.

Leo’s shattered body and the horror story from Sweden that reveals spinal fractures, stunted growth and porous bones are linked to life-changing trans treatments… so when WILL Britain wake up to the danger of giving puberty blockers to children?

30 April 2022 - Sue Reid

‘His mental health got worse and worse,’ she has recalled. ‘He attempted suicide several times. We couldn’t understand why. He was meant to be getting better from the treatment. We just kept hoping he would.’

Then the aches in Leo’s body began. At first he didn’t say much to his parents.

Worried, they asked him outright how he was feeling. He answered that he was in pain ‘all the time’, says Natalie.

Mixed-up five-year-olds and the alarming growth of the gender identity industry

25 February 2012 - Paul Bracchi

Now, some might ask whether it’s not Zach but his parents who need counselling for allowing him to go down this path — when even his grandparents believe he is ‘just going through a phase’. The research supports their view. According to the Tavistock’s own figures, up to 80 per cent of youngsters who think they are the wrong sex will change their minds upon reaching adolescence.

Nevertheless, six children have already begun receiving the medication, with the consent of their families, effectively reducing them to a state of ‘biological neutrality’ during the course of the treatment. Others are expected to join the trial.

Why did the National Research Ethics Service, the body responsible for sanctioning such studies, give the go-ahead after initially refusing permission? We can’t tell you because it declined to elaborate on its decision.

‘The worry is that reversible treatments [such as hormone blocking drugs] can sometimes have irreversible effects,’ he says.

‘If you suppress puberty for three years the bones do not get any stronger at a time when they should be, and we really don’t know what suppressing puberty does to your brain development. We are dealing with unknowns.


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