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GPs face legal risks over hormones for teens#

Bernard Lane

29 July 2021

GPs have been warned they may face disciplinary action or law suits if they give cross-sex hormone drugs to transgender-identifying minors.

Protesting long waits for specialist gender clinics, trans health advocates have promoted the US-style “informed consent” model as a fast-track to hormonal treatment not requiring expert ­diagnosis of the distressful condition gender dysphoria.

But GPs are being misled about the law, which demands a formal diagnosis and a multidisciplinary treatment team with specialists before 16 and 17-year-olds can be given these hormone drugs ­carrying a risk of infertility, according to University of Queensland legal academic Patrick Parkinson and senior psychiatrist Philip Morris.

Judges to oversee transgender teen treatment#

Bernard Lane

20 July 2021

New patients at the gender clinic, which cannot be named for legal reasons, have to get court approval before they can go ahead with life-altering hormonal treatments that are in high demand by teenagers who identify as transgender.

Swedish clinic moves first to halt trans drugs for children#

Bernard Lane

11 May 2021

Trans lobby ‘buries’ defence of hormone drugs#

Bernard Lane

31 March 2021