The Economist

Doubts are growing about therapy for gender-dysphoric children#

Drug treatments seem to do little good, and may be harmful

15 May 2021

Little is known about the effects of puberty blockers#

That has not stopped clinics prescribing them enthusiastically

20 February 2021

After the Keira Bell verdict: An English Ruling on Transgender Teens Could Have Global Repercussions#

Worries grow over treatments that can leave children sterile

14 December 2020

Children are victims in the latest identity-driven culture war#

Some feminists and transgender activists are on opposite sides

16 November 2017

When girls won’t be girls#

Growing numbers of teenagers, convinced they have been born in the wrong body, are switching gender. But young people change their minds about lots of things. What if one of them is their gender?

28 September 2017 - Charlie McCann