The Australian

Liam Mendes

11 August 2022

Queensland paediatrician Dylan Wilson said he believed several young adults around the country who had been injured as result of being prescribed puberty blockers or hormone treatments as minors might have recourse to the courts. “One hundred per cent there are children who have been harmed,” Dr Wilson said. “Even if they think it was worth it at the time, there are children who have suffered infertility and sexual dysfunction as a result of treatments and they may only be realising that now. “They publish their own ­papers and they say the paper we publish is evidence that what we’re doing is right. “They write the guidelines and they say ‘We’re following the guidelines’.

Trans surgery ‘may be judged’ a mistake by future generations

Bernard Lane

26 November 2021

The surgical removal of healthy breasts from girls who identify as boys is an experiment that future generations may judge harshly, a psychiatrist has warned.

Transparency, please: the troubling case of Imogen

Bernard Lane

6 November 2021

The name of Keira Bell, the 24 year-old detransitioner who regrets her medically assisted spell as a trans male, is known around the world because of her litigation against England’s Tavistock gender clinic. Few know about the Australian case of “Imogen”, the pseudonym for a troubled teen who transitioned in the other direction from birth as a boy to a new identity as a trans girl. Imogen’s story comes back into focus, now that Bell’s landmark victory against the UK Tavistock clinic has been overturned on appeal.

Bernard Lane

29 July 2021

GPs have been warned they may face disciplinary action or law suits if they give cross-sex hormone drugs to transgender-identifying minors.

Protesting long waits for specialist gender clinics, trans health advocates have promoted the US-style “informed consent” model as a fast-track to hormonal treatment not requiring expert ­diagnosis of the distressful condition gender dysphoria.

But GPs are being misled about the law, which demands a formal diagnosis and a multidisciplinary treatment team with specialists before 16 and 17-year-olds can be given these hormone drugs ­carrying a risk of infertility, according to University of Queensland legal academic Patrick Parkinson and senior psychiatrist Philip Morris.

Judges to oversee transgender teen treatment

Bernard Lane

20 July 2021

New patients at the gender clinic, which cannot be named for legal reasons, have to get court approval before they can go ahead with life-altering hormonal treatments that are in high demand by teenagers who identify as transgender.

Swedish clinic moves first to halt trans drugs for children

Bernard Lane

11 May 2021

Trans lobby ‘buries’ defence of hormone drugs

Bernard Lane

31 March 2021


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